909 Clippers Owner, Valerie & Lewis

Welcome to 909 Clippers! 1st We want to thank you guys for stopping by and checking out our Shop.  We are “Customer Service Oriented” we strive on “Satisfaction Guaranteed” our Barbers are devoted, motivated, organized and developed Barbers. We are community orientated and love to help out the community. We as owners are not just owners but we truly care for our Clients and Barbers.  Let us know your thoughts, suggestions and how our service was.  Look forward to seeing you guys : )    

Angelica909 Clippers Owner, Angelica

Many people have asked why a Barber Shop and why at this time in the economy?  The only thing I can answer back is “Why not?” I see a life worth living, chances worth taking, and ultimately time not worth wasting.  I have a passion for helping.  I have a Master’s in Counseling and am currently pursuing my Clinical Counselor License.  Does this blend well with a barber shop?  Indeed it does we are people based business every individual is remarkable and unique.  I love life, love traveling, love trying new things but above all else my number one is God Almighty! Hope to see you in the Barber Shop Soon!  

LeoshaLeoshaiea, Manager



I love doing outrageous styles that turn out amazing. I am all about customer service and having my clients walk out with a “do” not a “don’t”. I love concerts, music and dancing. I graduated from Salon Success and can’t wait to see you sitting in one of our fabulous chairs.